We transform biological diagnosis, providing results and data to make the right choices

Techion's DNA is farming and muddy boots. This foundation ensures we understand the complex challenges of disease management.

Drawing on this background we design and build tools to solve problems. Techion has its roots in the pioneering spirit of New Zealand, but today we’re a global company.

    Seaweed captured on a Micro-I digital microscope
    Wool captured on a Micro-I digital microscope
    Housefly mouth captured on a Micro-I digital microscope

Techion's Purpose

We enable and transform diagnosis of people, animals and our environment by providing results and data, at the time and place of care; contributing to better health outcomes, improving quality of life, ensuring healthy animals and a flourishing environment.  

We achieve this by disrupting traditional industries which rely on simple microscopes and skilled technicians.  

We work alongside large industry partners to transform diagnostic intelligence gathering and analysis.