Techion's groundbreaking technology

Techion’s digital solution integrates hardware, software and artificial intelligence to deliver microscopic analysis for the world's complex diseases and environmental problems.

  • Enables analysis of tests without traditional microscopes
  • Enables analysis of tests without lab-based technicians
  • Increases processing efficiency
  • Allows staff to operate remotely online and offline 
  • Instantly connects live image data with experts and decision-makers
  • Designed for use in the field or the lab 
  • Software collates data to create early disease warning alerts
  • Software data capture allows testing audits


Techion's digital intelligent microscope the Micro-I features

  • Portable
  • Standalone
  • Robust
  • Multiple Micro-Is can be tethered to increase processing speed
  • Controlled online using smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Battery and power operation
  • No software download required
  • Simple to use; requires minimal training
  • No need for users to be trained in laboratory analysis
  • Can be controlled, updated and serviced remotely
  • Affordable

Techion's RĀTĀ Platform

Software Platform

Our internet cloud platform supports functionality of the Micro-I digital microscope and has the following features

  • Hosts secure user portals to access and manage data
  • Enables data aggregation 
  • Allows export of results
  • Allows users to customise to automate test planning and user notifications 
  • Data can be used for early disease alerts by locality, district or region  
  • Provides QA and auditability
  • Hosts artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Controls Micro-I functionality

Techion's platform contributes positively to the environment

  • Eliminates the need to courier samples to central laboratories
  • Reduces the need to handle and transport hazardous samples 
  • Consumables are not required 
  • Multi-use cassettes minimises the use of single-use plastics 
  • Has been proven to reduce drug use
  • Has been proven to support the fight against drug resistance
  • Identifying and treating disease in livestock reduces GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by up to 33%