Revolutionising how farmers manage parasites in livestock

FECPAKG2 is a cost-effective and intuitive diagnostic tool designed to empower farmers, veterinarians and animal health advisors to ensure treatment is appropriately targeted, timed correctly and that drug use is effective. 

By using FECPAKG2 regularly, farmers gain an insight into when and how parasites are impacting their animals. what triggers a parasite outbreak and what drugs work effectively on their property. This allows treatment based on fact. 

Utilising data to improve animal health and wellbeing

Timing and targetting the right animals is crucial when it comes to drenching/worming. By recording data over time specific to a farmer's property FECPAKG2 stores this data, making it easily accessible to farmers and their advisers. they are able to easily identify risks and areas with high parasite burdens. This information enables management changes to avoid exposure resulting in improved animal welfare and reduced treatment. 

  • Solution for use on farms, in labs, vet clinics and retail stores
  • An effective parasite management tool 
  • Undergoing development to identify parasite species
  • AI modeling being developed to produce faster preliminary results
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