Revolutionising how farmers manage parasites in livestock

FECPAKG2 is a cost-effective and intuitive diagnostic tool designed to help minimise the misuse of antibiotic treatments in livestock.

By using FECPAKG2 regularly, farmers are able to effectively identify what livestock needs to be treated, minimising the risks associated with routinely treating their livestock

Utilising data to improve animal health and wellbeing

Timing is crucial when it comes to drenching/worming. By recording data specific to a farmer's property FECPAKG2 can model the best times and paddocks to test, providing the information to ensure treatment only occurs when necessary.

  • Solution for use on farms, in labs, vet clinics and retail stores
  • An effective parasite management tool 
  • Undergoing development to identify parasite species
  • AI modeling being developed to produce faster preliminary results
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