Breed for naturally resistant sheep

PhenR is a tool to help farmers design a future where there is no need routinely drench their sheep. By selectively breeding out stock that are less resistant to parasites, Farmers throughout NZ are able to integrate more sustainable parasite management strategies that future-proof the health and wellbeing of their sheep. 

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Using PhenR breeders identify and select genetically superior sire lines that are high-production performers and naturally resistant to parasites. Farmers using these superior genetics across their flocks will benefit from their flocks passing fewer parasite eggs onto pasture, reducing pasture contamination. Less pasture contamination means fewer parasite larvae to infect animals grazing the paddock/field.

Reducing the intake of parasite larvae has been proven to increase weight gain and reduce frequency and reliance on drenches/wormers. This leads to increases in profitability through improved performance and reduced health costs.

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