Digital diagnostics for animals, people and our environment

Our digital microscope platform provides results and data at the time and place of care; enabling solutions to complex disease and environmental problems.

    Micro-I 100 enables on-site testing
    Images analysed by technician or AI
    Imaging capability beyond the compound microscope

We design technology that makes a difference

Techion’s DNA is in the field. This foundation ensures we understand the complex challenges of deploying technology at the point of care or in the field or lab.

We have met the challenge by building a small, portable, easy-to-use digital microscope and supporting platform that can be deployed anywhere in the world online or offline with very little training. 

Techion’s roots are in New Zealand’s pioneering spirit; now we are working globally offering diagnostic data for animals, people and our environment.

We are here for our animals

Our Micro-I digital microscope supported by our Rata platform operate together as FECPAKG2 revolutionising parasite management in production animals. A portable, easy to use, image-based diagnostic platform scientifically validated to conduct faecal egg count (FEC) tests and Fluke Egg Tests on animals. New tests are being added to FECPAKG2 to support an evidence-based approach to disease management across a range of production animal species.

FECPAKG2 improves animal health and performance and saves time and money for farmers, ensuring sustainable use of worming treatments.

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We are here for our people

Our Micro-I digital imaging device supported by our RĀTĀ platform has the capability to help manage and diagnose disease in people.

Operating together our Micro-I and RĀTĀ platform is an internet-connected, image-based diagnostic platform that can use AI to provide a diagnosis at the time and point of care.

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We are here for our environment

The ease of use and portability of our Micro-I digital microscope makes it ideal for environmental testing in the field. The Micro-I imaging device supported by our RĀTĀ platform and AI can provide test results anywhere at anytime.

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Associates & Partners

Our associates and partners are across the globe. We work with organisations devoted to making a positive difference in their sector.